AGENDA [2019]

08:15 Registration & coffee
09:00 Welcome from Commodities People

Opening comments from Chairperson

Jo Butlin, CEO, EnergyBridge (UK), Non-executive Chair, Energy Consortium


Assessing yesterdays trends to forecast tomorrows

  • What have we seen develop in the energy markets in the last few years?
  • What should we expect in the future?
  • What do growing energy trading market participants aspire to and what could be improved?

Jan Van Aken, Secretary General, EFET - European Federation of Energy Traders

Outsource vs insource - keeping business process design fit for purpose as you grow
  • Short terms vs long term thinking: What is best outsourced initially, and how should this change as the trading business develops?
  • What are the key indicators and milestones to suggest insourcing may occur?
  • Mapping your business processes to identify core competencies
  • What learnings can be gained from the development of larger trading firms?
  • Who should be responsible for regulatory compliance?
  • Examining trading department structures and responsibilities: which is most appropriate for your firm?

MODERATOR Tom Bent, Director, Principle & Commercial Energy Services

Stuart Peel, Head Of Commercial, United Gas & Power

Mark Meyrick, Head of Trading and Smart Grids, Ecotricity

Rob Bullyment, Senior Energy Originator, Freepoint Commodities


Expanding into new trading markets
  • Examining the risks/rewards around involvement with:
    • Flexibility markets
    • Balancing markets
  • ​Is the depth and liquidity of these markets sufficient?
  • Mitigating risks associated with high volatility
  • What capabilities and resources do you need when entering these markets?
  • TERRE: what is the latest status and timeframes? Is it going to be worthwhile for smaller/mid size trading firms?
  • Selecting the right partners and counterparties when entering new trading markets
  • Assessing the role and potential utilisation of PPAs

MODERATOR Pavlos Dario Ghazi, Director of Trading, Pricing and Business Intelligence, iSupply Energy (part of Vattenfall AB)

Lee Priestley, Commercial Director, Conrad Energy

Nicholas Rubin, Market Advisor Elexon

Philip Wiltshire, Trading Operations Lead, Flexitricity

Zosia Riesner, Head of Corporate PPA, Lightsource BP

Suleman Alli, Director of Safety, Strategy & Regulation, UK Power Networks


From energy buyer to energy trader - defining and developing your approach to risk


This session will ask "what does good look like" and explore all the areas to consider when expanding trading activities, including:

  • Risk frameworks
  • Governance
  • Credit
  • Skills
  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Technology
  • Organisational structure

MODERATOR Jo Butlin, CEO, EnergyBridge (UK); Non-Executive Chair, The Energy Consortium

Simon Tucker, Vice President Trading, SmartestEnergy

Ben Gatley, Commercial Director, Social Energy Supply

Hormoz Ala, Structured Trader, BP

14:25 The transition to ETRM as a service:
  • Preparing for changes brought about by;
  • Higher volumes via automated trading
  • Flexibility and smaller trading firms including prosumers
  • The ETRM service landscape current and future
  • New technology and resource requirements

Dale Emmerson, Trading and Markets Director, EQUIAS


Trading technology: from spreadsheets to ETRM systems



  • Risk associated with the use of spreadsheets
  • Are they adapted to the increasingly complex trading environment?

Systems: Achieving cost effectiveness

  • Functionalities to consider
  • Benchmarking the various system options: cloud, in-house, off-shelf, multi-tenant, etc.

Managing the transition:

  • How to break the habits
  • What level of resources (human and financial) do you need?
  • What sort of skills do you need in your operations and IT departments to support the transition?

MODERATOR Dr Gary Vasey, Partner & Managing Director, ComTech Advisory

Hugo Stappers, Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, Pioneer Solutions

Imran Bannister, Director of Hedging and Pricing, Utilita Energy

Rich Faulkner, Risk Manager, Tonik Energy

Kashif Javaid, Head of Sales, Contigo Software

The digital revolution - looking to the future; how might this affect your trading activities?
  • Where is innovation practically benefiting trading firms and the wider industry?
  • Where should innovation sit within your organisation?
  • Examining and looking at where next, for 3 cases of innovation and the potential benefits to the industry:
    • Electron
    • Piclo
    • Cornwall Local Energy Market

MODERATOR Jo Butlin, CEO, EnergyBridge (UK), Non Executive Chair at The Energy Consortium

Tom Collins, Head of Digital Innovation, Good energy

Sam Wevers, Product Manager - Cornwall Local Energy Market, Centrica

Jon Ferris, Strategy Director, Electron

James Johnston, CEO & co-founder, Piclo Energy

Cian McLeavey-Reville, Innovation Strategy Manager, National Grid

17:00 Closing comments


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